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Saturday 3rd February 2018  7.30pm
Conductor:  Robin Browning

Arrive early to enjoy …
6.30pm–7.00pm: Pre-concert talk in the auditorium with our soloist Richard Uttley
7.00pm–7.20pm: Pre-concert interlude in the Octagon Lounge by local music pupils

Overture in the Italian Style in D major – Schubert

Piano Concerto in A minor – Schumann
Soloist: Richard Uttley

Symphony No 3 in E flat major, Eroica – Beethoven

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Music of contrasting moods brings drama, joyfulness and melancholy to this programme of pieces spanning the development between the classical and romantic periods.

Schubert wrote two Overtures ‘In the Italian style’ when the craze for Italian opera was sweeping Europe – we present the first of them as the rousing opener to the evening.

Richard Uttley is a young pianist with great experience in chamber music and with a number of recordings under his belt.  We are delighted to be performing the Schumann Piano Concerto with him – a work of great power and lyricism.

We continue our exploration of the work of Beethoven in heroic style with the Symphony No 3 – ‘Eroica’.  The story of whether or not Beethoven wanted to dedicate this to Napoleon and whether or not he changed his mind continues to intrigue.  Either way, it is a significant moment in the development of the symphony and in 2016, a survey for BBC Music Magazine of 151 conductors declared it to be the greatest symphony ever written!

Richard Uttley  Photo by
Kaupo Kikkas (click for larger photo)

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