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Saturday 18th May 2019  7.30pm
Conductor:  Robin Browning

Arrive early to enjoy …
6.30pm–7.00pm: Pre-concert talk in the auditorium: soloist Daniel Lebhardt and conductor Robin Browning talking with Stella Scott
7.00pm–7.20pm: Pre-concert interlude in the Octagon Lounge by local music pupils

St. Anthony Variations – Brahms

Symphony No. 60 “Il Distratto” – Haydn

Piano Concerto No. 1 in D minor – Brahms
Soloist: Daniel Lebhardt

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Homage to Haydn!

Like most composers of the Romantic period, the great Johannes Brahms was aware of his debt to the work of his predecessors, including Josef Haydn.  In this concert, HCO explore the connection between the two.

The concert opens with the Variations on the St Anthony Chorale by Brahms, which is based on a tune which Brahms believed was by Josef Haydn.  Researchers have since concluded that Haydn was most likely not the composer of the tune and its origin remains a musical mystery!

Haydn himself created his Symphony No. 60 from music he wrote for a play entitled “The Distracted”.  It has six short movements and includes a moment where the violins are supposed to have been “distracted”!  Let’s hope MD Robin Browning can keep us in order!

The second half of the concert demonstrates Brahms’ development into full-blown Romanticism with his huge Piano Concerto No. 1.  The soloist will be young Hungarian pianist Daniel Lebhardt.  Still only 27, Daniel has played recitals worldwide and is definitely a name to watch!

Daniel Lebhardt Photo by Kaupo Kikkas
(click for larger photo)

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