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Saturday 8th February 2014  7.30
Conductor:  Robin Browning

6.30pm: Pre-concert talk by Peter Rhodes about Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony

Overture Coriolan Beethoven

Violin Concerto in E minor – Mendelssohn
Soloist: Edward Daniel

Symphony No 6, Pastoral Beethoven

Beethoven often premiered his works in concerts lasting several hours!  The Havant Chamber Orchestra will stick to the more modern convention of overture, concerto and symphony, but take the opportunity to show Beethoven in two different moods in the overture and symphony, along with Mendelssohn’s ever-popular violin concerto.

The concert opens with Beethoven’s dramatic overture ‘Coriolan’, which was not based on Shakespeare’s play Coriolanus but rather on the tragedy by German author Heinrich von Collin.  The story is one of an internal battle between violence and tenderness, which in the German version ends with Coriolanus’ suicide.

Our concerto soloist is a young violinist who grew up just up the road in Shedfield in the Meon Valley.  Now enjoying an international solo career, Edward Daniel returns to his home county to delight us with Mendelssohn’s beautifully crafted concerto.

In Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony, we find him in a more peaceful vein.  He loved to walk in the country and in this symphony he paints wonderfully vivid pictures of his beloved nature, giving each movement a descriptive title to set the scene.  The first movement describes cheerful feelings on arrival in the country, then we hear a babbling brook (with musical illustrations of bird calls), peasants gathering, a thunderstorm and a shepherd’s song.

Edward Daniel

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