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Getting Email Updates

Joining our email updates mailing list

A good way to keep up to date with the Havant Orchestras is to follow the Havant Orchestras page on facebook and the Havant Orchestras feed on Twitter

You can alternatively subscribe to our mailing list to receive occasional email updates to remind you when a concert is coming up or when some important or interesting news has been added to the website.  The same information (and more) will also appear on our Facebook page, so there is no need to get email updates if you are already following on Facebook. 

If you want to be added to the updates mailing list, please send an email to requesting updates.  If you change your mind later, just send another email asking to be removed.  You are also welcome to send comments and suggestions about the mailing list service to the same email address. 

Any email addresses provided for this purpose will only be used for communications relating to the Havant Orchestras and will not be passed on to anyone else.  Updates are sent using ‘Bcc:’ to ensure that other people on the mailing list will not see your email address. 

When we send out email updates

Brief emails with links to further information on this website will be sent out to everyone on the updates mailing list at the following times:

  • About one week before the concert, when the newsletter has been sent out to season ticket holders and players.  An edited version of the newsletter will be available on the website so you can find out more details about the concert arrangements. 
  • Whenever any other important or interesting news item has been added to the website, especially if it involves any changes to concert programmes or schedules. 

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