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Playing members’ subscriptions


Following a successful audition period, playing members of Havant Symphony Orchestra will be requested to pay a subscription to Havant and District Orchestral Society (HADOS).  This subscription helps to pay for the cost of running the rehearsals, including the hire of the rehearsal venue and the hire or purchase of the music.  It also entitles the player to be a voting member at society meetings, in particular at the AGM at the start of the following season. 

If you might find it difficult to pay the appropriate subscription, please discuss this with the HSO Orchestral Manager, as it is a policy of the Society not to preclude membership solely on financial grounds.  Arrangements may be made to pay by instalments if this is more convenient.  Special reduced rates may also be available for example when a player joins part way through a season. 

Subscription rates and due dates

The current normal subscription for a year’s membership (starting in September) is £100, with optional concessionary rates of £80 for Senior Citizens (of state pension age) and £30 for Students in full-time education.  These rates were last updated in November 2013.  Subscription rates are reviewed by the committee at the start of each season, and may be increased as a result, but in that case members can normally still pay at the previous season’s rates until the last rehearsal in October, after which the new season’s rates apply. 

Subscriptions normally become due at the first HSO rehearsal of the main season, which is normally at the end of September or the start of October, and should be paid before the end of October.  However, to compensate for subscriptions paid for 2020, when activities were completely suspended from March because of the pandemic, subscriptions for the 2021-22 season will start from the second half of the Spring term, payable from when rehearsals resume, and are 1/2 of the normal amount: £50 for the full rate, £40 for Senior Citizens and £15 for students. 

Players are asked to save time and effort for the treasurer if possible by making an online payment directly to the HADOS bank account, sort code 40-52-40, account number 00017022, using the reference field to identify the player name or names for which the subscription is being paid.  Otherwise, payment may be made by cheque payable to HADOS and handed in at a rehearsal. 

Gift Aid

The subscription counts as a donation to charity for Gift Aid purposes.  Playing members who are UK taxpayers are asked to fill in a Gift Aid declaration so that the Society can also receive the equivalent of the basic rate tax.  Higher rate tax payers can also claim back the difference in tax rate for the Gift Aid amount on their tax return.  At present, we believe that the whole subscription qualifies for Gift Aid according to current HMRC guidelines, but if in future members receive any benefits or services which do not qualify according to those guidelines then the amount of Gift Aid claimed on each subscription will need to be reduced accordingly.

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