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The Havant Symphony Orchestra CD - March 2008

Following the very successful and very well received premiere of Maurice Blower’s Symphony in C by Havant Symphony Orchestra at Ferneham Hall in March, a CD containing the Symphony, Elgar’s Wand of Youth Suite No 2 and Brahms’ Academic Festival Overture has been released.  It is a very fine recording of some really excellent performances.  It is the first CD the Orchestras have made and the only recording in their history that has been made available for general release.  (Previous LP recordings were produced in very small quantities, for players only, some 40 years ago).

You can listen to some excerpts from this world premiere recording of the symphony using the player below.

The CD costs £7.00, plus £1.00 for postage and packing if sent by post.  We are no longer selling them at concerts, but if you would like one please contact the Administrator who may be able to find one for you. 

The detailed contents of the CD are as follows:

    JOHANNES BRAHMS  1833-1897  
1   Academic Festival Overture 10' 36"
    SIR EDWARD ELGAR  1857-1934  
    Wand of Youth Suite No. 2  
2   March 4' 21"
3   The Little Bells 2' 31"
4   Moths and Butterflies 2' 03"
5   Fountain Dance 2' 38"
6   The Tame Bear 2' 22"
7   The Wild Bears 2' 29"
    DR MAURICE BLOWER  1894-1982  
    Symphony in C major
(revised and edited for performance by Peter Craddock)
World Première
8   Moderato – Allegro con brio 7' 43"
9   Presto – Andante – Presto 5' 58"
10   Lento moderato 9' 55"
11   Allegro vivace 6' 55"
Leader: Cathy Mathews
Conductor: Peter Craddock
All works recorded at a live concert in Ferneham Hall, Fareham, Hampshire
on Saturday 29 March 2008

Listen to extracts from the Blower Symphony

The player below is set up to play some extracts from Havant Symphony Orchestra’s CD recording of the Maurice Blower “Symphony in C”.  Click on the title in the playlist to start the required extract.

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