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Concert Tickets – 2012-2013 Season

Tickets for Havant Orchestras concerts

This year, the main concert series for the Havant orchestras involves three venues:

  • Ferneham Hall, Fareham;
  • Oaklands School, Waterlooville;
  • Holy Trinity Church, Fareham.

There is also a separate pre-season concert of ‘popular classics’ at Hayling Island Community Centre.  For the booking and ticket arrangements, see Ticket prices for other concerts below. 

Obtaining tickets for individual Ferneham Hall concerts

Tickets for each concert at the Ferneham Hall in Fareham in the 2012-2013 season of the Havant Orchestras are on sale from 19th September 2012 at the Ferneham Hall Box Office.

Bookings may be made online, by telephone (using a credit or debit card), by post (enclosing a cheque or postal order) or in person.  For further details, see the page on How to Book Tickets within the Ferneham Hall web site, which also has a useful page on How to get to the Ferneham Hall.

Obtaining Season Tickets and tickets for other main concerts

A ‘Season Ticket’ includes the four concerts at Ferneham Hall, a printed programme book and Newsletters before each concert.  In addition tickets for the Oaklands and Holy Trinity concerts at the discounted prices for season ticket holders can be added at the same time – or later in the season – as you wish.

Season tickets covering all of the Ferneham Hall concerts optionally combined with individual tickets for the Oaklands and Holy Trinity Church concerts may be obtained in advance by post via the HADOS Tickets Secretary.  The simplest way to order Season Tickets is to use the booking form which is available in the foyer at concerts together with the programme brochure.  You can alternatively print your own copy of the Season Ticket booking form using this PDF file (which is set up to print the form at A5 size on the left half of an A4 sheet of paper). 

Tickets for the concerts at Oaklands School and Holy Trinity Church are only available from the Tickets Secretary, and can be ordered either separately or at a discounted price in combination with season tickets, using the Season Ticket booking form. 

Seating at Oaklands (upholstered and raked) and Holy Trinity (pews and on the flat) is limited so we advise early reservation to avoid disappointment – especially at Oaklands, the venue for Peter Craddock’s final official appearance with HSO which will no doubt attract many former players and listeners as well as well-wishers and supporters of our distinguished soloists. 

Please send your cheque (payable to HADOS) along with the booking form (for season tickets or discounted additional tickets) or your separate booking details, together with a stamped self-addressed envelope to:

Mrs M Packe,
HADOS Tickets Secretary,
1 Beacon Square,
PO10 7HU

Telephone:  01243 377430

If you want to order advance tickets only a few days before a concert, you can reserve them by phone then collect and pay for them at the door.  Please write out your cheque to HADOS in advance to save time at the collection point. 

Seating plan and ticket prices for main concerts

Specific numbered seats are reserved for the main concerts at Ferneham Hall, Fareham, and Oaklands School, Waterlooville.  Ticket price bands depend on the seating area, as shown in the seating plans below.  The seatings areas are arranged similarly for both venues. 

Seats at Holy Trinity Church are guaranteed but unreserved.  Bring your own cushion for added comfort.

The seating plan lists the Ferneham Hall rows and Oaklands rows in each price section.  The seat numbers read from right to left at Ferneham and left to right at Oaklands with 2 gangways.  Front section Z is on the flat at both venues.

Seating plan for Ferneham Hall,

Seating plan for Ferneham Hall
Price W Rows D – L, Seats 1–32
Price X Rows D – L, Seats 33–38
Row M, Seats 7–36
Price Y Rows A, B, C, Seats 3–10; 33–38
Row N, Seats 9–34
Row P, Seats 1–27
Price Z Rows AA – BB

Seating plan for Oaklands,

Seating plan for Oaklands
Price W Rows D – K, Seats 32–9
Price X Rows A, B, C, Seats 24–9
Rows D – K, Seats 8–1
Rows L & M, Seats 32–1
Price Y Rows A, B, C, Seats 32–25; 8–1
Rows N and O, Seats 32–1
Price Z Rows AA – CC

Ticket Prices Ferneham Hall Oaklands School Holy Trinity Church
Price band Single concert Season ticket (4 concerts) Single concert Discounted price for season ticket holders Single concert Discounted price for season ticket holders
W £20.00 £62.00 £18.00 £14.00 £12.00 £10.00
X £17.50 £54.00 £15.50 £12.00
Y £14.00 £44.00 £12.00 £9.50
Z £8.00 £25.00 £6.00 £5.00
Over 19
50% discount on above prices £5.00
Under 19
in full time education
£1 £4 £1 £1


Ticket prices for other concerts

There is a concert at Hayling Island Community Centre on Saturday 22nd September 2012, and further informal events at the same venue may be arranged during the season.  Seats at Hayling Island are guaranteed but not reserved. 

Tickets for the September concert will initially be available at the 7th July concert, and will also be available at the AGM and rehearsal at St Joseph’s Church Hall on 7th September.  From early August tickets will be available from Hayling Island Community Centre and the Hayling Island Bookshop in Mengham Road, and also by post from the Tickets Secretary

Ticket Prices for other concerts

Hayling Concert,
22nd September 2012
Adult Senior Citizens and
Season Ticket holders
£9.00 £7.00 £3.00

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