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Rehearsal Schedule 2021-22

We have been unable to proceed with our original planned programme of Havant Orchestras concerts for this season because of the risks associated with the continuing spread of Covid-19.  We started our concert season instead with a smaller HCO concert in October. 

For details of the latest arrangements for each orchestra, see the HSO details and HCO details sections below. 

For health and safety reasons, we are only permitted to go ahead with each concert if the risks at rehearsals and the concert itself can be kept to a level which the committee consider acceptable, taking into account government guidelines and statistics.  If a concert cannot go ahead, there is a possibility that it may be rescheduled to a later date. 

Before attending any rehearsal or concert, please note the Covid-19 precautions described below. 

Normal rehearsal times and locations

Havant Symphony Orchestra rehearsals are normally held every Friday evening during school term time (except on the day before a Havant Chamber Orchestra concert) from 7.00pm to 9.30pm at The Pallant Centre (St. Faith’s Church Hall), The Pallant, Havant, PO9 1BE (see map).  There is a car park next to the hall, off East Pallant, which is a one-way street towards the hall, so you need to approach it via Beechworth Road. 

The final afternoon rehearsal on the concert day is at the concert venue, and for concerts at Hayling Island Community Centre or Oaklands Catholic School the rehearsal the preceding evening is usually also at the same location.  See the following sections on this page for additional information about rehearsals and specific rehearsal details, and the complete rehearsal schedule for a summary of the latest information on rehearsal dates and locations. 

St. Faith’s Church Hall is sometimes unavailable for HSO rehearsals or bursary auditions, in which case we usually move across Havant to St. Joseph’s Church Hall, West Street, PO9 1LP (see map)

The HSO rehearsal includes a coffee break at around 8.30pm.  Coffee or tea and biscuits are provided (for a contribution of 20p). 

Havant Chamber Orchestra rehearsals take place in Havant on the two Tuesdays immediately preceding the concert date, from 7.30pm to 10.00pm.  There is a break, but no refreshments are provided. 

HCO rehearsals for this season are expected to be at Bosmere Junior School, South Street, PO9 1DA (see map)

Players please bring a music stand to all rehearsals. 

Additional information about rehearsal arrangements will be added below from time to time; players are advised to check this page regularly for reminders and additional rehearsal details. 

Additional information about rehearsals

[5th June 2021]

Check below for updates about rehearsal schedules and venues for HSO and HCO.

Specific HSO rehearsal details

[21st April 2022]

The HSO bursary auditions in July will now be on Thursday 7th July, 7.00pm, at Hayling Island Community Centre, Hayling Park, Station Road, Hayling Island P011 0HB (our usual location for September concerts).  The date and venue had to be changed because of problems with venue availability. 

[25th March 2022]

The Pallant Centre is not available on Friday 25th March, so the HSO rehearsal at 7.00pm is at Hayling Island Community Centre, Hayling Park, Station Road, Hayling Island P011 0HB (our usual location for September concerts). 

[25th February 2022]

HSO players are reminded that rehearsals for the April concert start today, Friday 25th February, at 7.00pm at the Pallant Centre.  This rehearsal during the half-term break is to help make up for rehearsal time lost earlier in the term. 

[18th February 2022]

The Pallant Centre have notified us that the hall will not be available today, Friday 18th February, because of Storm Eunice, so today’s rehearsal (which was to be conducted by Stefano Boccacci) is cancelled.  The first rehearsal will therefore be on Friday 25th February, during the half-term break. 

[13th February 2022]

The first HSO rehearsal for the April concert, on Friday 18th February at the Pallant Centre, will be conducted by previous bursary student Stefano Boccacci, as Jonathan Butcher is unavailable.  The rehearsal will focus on the Brahms Symphony. 

Please continue to check this page regularly for updates. 

[26th January 2022]

We now plan to start rehearsals for the April concert on Friday 18th February, the Friday immediately before the half-term break, at the Pallant Centre, at 7.00pm as usual.  Rehearsals will then take place every Friday, including Friday 25th February during half term, until the concert, which is on Saturday 2nd April.

Please let your HSO manager (Barbara for Strings, Spence otherwise) know as soon as possible if you have any reservations about playing this term, to give some idea of player numbers.  Unfortunately there is not really enough space at the Pallant Centre to observe social distancing, and ventilation can be tricky with windows on one side of the hall only, and residential buildings nearby.  It would be helpful if everyone could take a lateral flow test before attending in order to minimise risk to others.

As part of the Spring term has been lost, the plan for subscriptions is now that a subscription of 1/2 of the normal yearly rate will become payable when rehearsals resume, for the remaining part of the Spring term plus the summer term.  See the Subscriptions page for more information. 

Please continue to check this page regularly for updates. 

[20th December 2021]

HSO rehearsals for the April concert are now postponed until further notice and will not start on 14th January as originally planned. 

Given rapidly increasing Covid rates and the limited space and ventilation at our normal rehearsal venue of The Pallant Centre (St Faith’s Church Hall), the committee have agreed that it is not safe to proceed with the existing schedule.  We hope that it will be possible to find a way to resume rehearsals safely within a few weeks, to give enough time to prepare for the concert. 

Please continue to check this page regularly for updates. 

[27th November 2021]

HSO players please note that subscriptions will be due in January, covering the Spring and Summer terms, at 2/3 of the normal yearly rate.  See the Subscriptions page for more information. 

[20th November 2021]

Rehearsals for the April 2022 HSO concert will be back at The Pallant Centre (St Faith’ Church Hall) from 7.00pm to 9.30pm because the Oaklands hall is not available for rehearsals until the day before the concert.  The first rehearsal will be on Friday 14th January because the Pallant hall is not available on the 7th. 

[20th October 2021]

There will be an extra HSO rehearsal on Friday 29th October (during the half term break) from 7.00pm to 9.30pm at The Pallant because Oaklands is unavailable.  The full rehearsal schedule below has been updated accordingly.  Covid-19 precautions will be observed but players may wish to note that this venue has significantly less space and ventilation than Oaklands so the risks are somewhat higher. 

[3rd October 2021]

The HSO rehearsal on Friday 8th October is now for strings only, from 6.30pm to 9.00pm at Oaklands School. 

[19th September 2021]

Arrangements for rehearsals for the HSO November concert have had to be changed because the hall at The Pallant does not have sufficient space nor ventilation to allow a full orchestra rehearsal with appropriate Covid-19 precautions. 

The first rehearsal will be at The Pallant for wind and brass only at the usual time 7.00pm to 9.30pm on Friday September 24th.  Subsequent Friday rehearsals will be for full orchestra but will be in our main concert venue, the main hall at Oaklands School, and will be at the earlier time of 6.30pm to 9.00pm because the Oaklands school hall is not available after 9.00pm.  See the full rehearsal schedule below for details. 

[3rd September 2021]

The Hayling Concert has had to be cancelled because the usual rehearsal venue does not have enough space and ventilation to allow Covid-safe rehearsals with a full orchestra.  To allow some playing together anyway, there is a plan to have some string rehearsals in the Meon Hall on 10th and 17th September followed by a performance (with minimal audience) in that hall on 19th September.  String players have already been contacted with details. 

Rehearsals for the November concert are scheduled to start on 24th September, but given the limitations of the rehearsal venue these cannot be normal full rehearsals.  We are considering the possibility of alternating wind and string rehearsals, and the feasibility of such a scheme is being investigated by the orchestral managers. 

[24th July 2021]

There are provisional plans to include a Sunday afternoon family concert this season, possibly during January.  If the January date goes ahead, additional HSO rehearsals to prepare for this concert may be added before Christmas, on 3rd and 10th December.

Specific HCO rehearsal details

[15th March 2022]

The rehearsal dates for the HCO concert on 21st May have had to be modified because Robin Browning is not available on the original first rehearsal date of 10th May.  The two rehearsals will therefore be on Tuesday 17th May (the original second rehearsal date) at Bosmere Junior School and Friday 20th May (the day before the concert) at the Pallant Centre (St Faith’s Church Hall).  The soloist is planning to attend the Tuesday rehearsal. 

[20th December 2021]

The Covid situation appears to be getting much worse, mainly due to the omicron variant, and it is not clear whether it will be safe to proceed with the HCO February concert.  For now, we are hoping that it will go ahead anyway and planning accordingly. 

[3rd September 2021]

The concert on 16th October has been replaced with a small strings-only concert featuring Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons”.  plus some other smaller string works, with no pre-concert talk and no interval.  See the full rehearsal schedule below for details. 

The concert in memory of Brian Howells originally scheduled for this date will be rescheduled to a later date, in the hope of making it possible to hold it once player and audience numbers no longer need to be restricted.

Complete rehearsal schedule

[Last updated 3rd September 2021]

This is the rehearsal schedule for the 2021-22 season.  This page will be updated to reflect any changes or additions.  All rehearsals except on the concert day are at The Pallant Centre (St. Faith’s Church Hall) unless indicated otherwise. 

Not all rehearsal dates will necessarily be used for the associated concert.  Some dates may be used for sight reading or to prepare for other events.  When such dates have been identified, they are marked with an asterisk in the main schedule below, with additional details provided in the updates above.

Work Composer Instrumentation Dura­tion Rehearsals
(By concert, not by date)
Saturday 18 September 2021 – Havant Symphony Orchestra at Hayling Island Community Centre
Conductor: Avi Taler

CANCELLED because of Covid precautions
Sep-15 Overture ‘Der Freischütz’ Weber 2222 4230 T S 11' Fridays 7.00pm–9.30pm:
3 Sep (+AGM),
10 Sep,
17 Sep at Hayling,
Feb-14 Violin Concerto in E minor
   Soloist: Mira Marton
Mendelssohn 2222 2200 T S 27'
Mar-17 Symphony No. 8, “Unfinished” Schubert 2222 2230 T S 26'
Sep-80 Waltz “Artist’s Life” J Strauss Jr 1+1.222 4210 T P S 10'
Apr-86 Polka “Leichtes Blut” [Encore] J Strauss Jr 1+1.222 4210 T P S 3'
77' Saturday 18 Sep 2:00pm
Saturday 16 October 2021 – Havant Chamber Orchestra at Holy Trinity Church, Fareham
Conductor: Robin Browning

The originally planned concert in memory of Brian Howells has been replaced with a strings-only concert featuring "The Four Seasons".  We hope to reschedule the original concert eventually. 
Mar-17 Andante Festivo Sibelius S 5' Tuesdays 7.30pm–10pm at Bosmere School:
5 Oct, 12 Oct,
New Ancient Airs and Dances, Suite 3 Respighi S 15'
New The Four Seasons
   Soloist: Laura Rickard
Vivaldi S 45'
65' Saturday 16 Oct 2.00pm
Saturday 20 November 2021[1] – Havant Symphony Orchestra at Oaklands School
Conductor: Jonathan Butcher
New Four Sea Interludes and Passacaglia Britten 2/2.2.2/2.2+1 4331 T P Hp Cel S 24' Fridays
At The Pallant 7–9.30pm:
24 Sep wind/brass only,
At Oaklands 6.30–9pm:
1 Oct,
8 Oct strings only, 22 Oct,
At The Pallant 7–9.30pm:
29 Oct (during half term break)
At Oaklands 6.30–9pm:
5 Nov, 12 Nov, 19 Nov,
May-14 Trumpet Concerto in E flat
   Soloist: Zoë Perkins
Hummel 1220 2000 T S 17'
Jul-07 Kikimora Liadov 2+1.2+1.2+1.2 4200 T P Cel S 8'
Jul-14 Enigma Variations Elgar 2/ 4331 T P S 32'
81' Saturday 20 Nov 2.00pm
Saturday 12 February 2022 – Havant Chamber Orchestra at Holy Trinity Church, Fareham
Conductor: Robin Browning
New Le roi s’amuse: Six airs de danse Delibes 2222 2200 T S 14' Tuesdays 7.30pm–10pm at Bosmere School:
1 Feb, 8 Feb,
Oct-04 Cello concerto in A minor
   Soloist: Mikhail Lezdkan
Saint-Saëns 2222 2200 T S 20'
Oct-17 Pavane Fauré 2222 2000 S 7'
Feb-09 Symphony No. 1 in D major Gounod 2222 2200 T S 30'
71' Saturday 12 Feb 2.00pm
Saturday 2 April 2022[2] – Havant Symphony Orchestra at Oaklands School
Conductor: Jonathan Butcher
New The Land of the Mountain and the Flood MacCunn 2222 2231 T P S 9' Fridays 7.00pm–9.30pm:
7 Jan, 14 Jan, 21 Jan, 28 Jan, 4 Feb, 18 Feb, 25 Feb, 4 Mar, 11 Mar, 18 Mar,
25 Mar at Hayling,
1 Apr at Oaklands,
Sep-95 Capriol Suite (Full orchestral version) Warlock 2222 2231 P S 9'
New Piano Concerto No. 3
   Soloist: Christos Fountos
Prokofiev 2222 4230 T P S 28'
Jul-11 Symphony No. 2 in D Brahms 2222 4231 T S 45'
91' Saturday 2 Apr 2.00pm
Saturday 21 May 2022 – Havant Chamber Orchestra at Holy Trinity Church, Fareham
Conductor: Robin Browning
May-14 Overture “Egmont” Beethoven 2/1222 4200 T S 9' 7.30pm–10pm:
Tuesday 17 May at Bosmere School,
Friday 20 May at the Pallant Centre
Sep-11 Violin Concerto in D major
   Soloist: Charlotte Saluste-Bridoux
Brahms 2222 4200 T S 38'
May-14 Symphony No. 3 in A minor, “Scottish” Mendelssohn 2222 4200 T S 40'
87' Saturday 21 May 2.00pm
Saturday 2 July 2022[3] – Havant Symphony Orchestra at Oaklands School
Conductor: Jonathan Butcher
New The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Dukas 2+1.2.2+1.3+1 42+230 T P Hp S 11' Fridays 7.00pm–9.30pm: 29 Apr +2020/21 AGM,
6 May, 13 May, 27 May, 10 Jun, 17 Jun, 24 Jun,
1 Jul at Oaklands,
Jul-10 Violin Concerto in D major
   Soloist: Melina Mandozzi
Tchaikovsky 2222 4200 T S 35'
New Royal Hunt & Storm from “The Trojans” Berlioz 2+ 42+231 2T (one offstage) P S 10'
New Symphonic Dances Rachmaninov 2+1.2+1.2+2.2+1 4331 T P Hp Pno S 36'
92' Saturday 2 Jul 2.00pm
Thursday 7 July 2022[4], 7.00pm – Bursary Auditions – Havant Symphony Orchestra – Hayling Island CC

[1] The December concert has been moved two weeks earlier, into November, because the original soloist was not available on the normal date or later and the conductor was not available the week before.  This reduces the number of rehearsal dates, so an extra rehearsal has been scheduled for half term, Friday 29th October.

[2] The March concert has been moved a week later than the normal date, into April, to avoid a clash.

[3] The July concert has been moved a week earlier from the original date, and the provisional date for the bursary auditions has therefore been changed to Tuesday 5th July 2022.

[4] The date and venue of the bursary auditions had to be changed because of problems with venue availability. 

Information regarding COVID-safe rehearsal and concert practice for players

In order to provide as safe a rehearsal/concert experience as we possibly can, please take note of the following advice before attending any of our rehearsals or concerts:

  1. Please DO NOT attend if:
    • You have symptoms / feel unwell
    • You tested positive (PCR or Lateral flow)
    • You have been told to self-isolate
    • Someone you have close contact with has tested positive
    • You are quarantining after a visit abroad
  2. We would strongly encourage you to:
    • Carry out a lateral flow test before attending
    • Avoid using public transport to travel to rehearsal
    • Get vaccinated as this reduces the risk of serious illness (please be aware that even if double vaccinated you can still catch and transmit Covid)
  3. Whilst at rehearsal or concert please:
    • Sign in with your name and phone number on the sheet provided
    • Bring all your own equipment, including music stand, and do not share with others
    • Bring your own refreshments as these will not be provided whilst the Covid risk continues
    • Respect others’ space (chairs to be set out in socially-distanced arrangement)
    • Respect any one-way systems or other directions in place in the venue
    • Wear a face covering wherever possible and certainly whilst moving around the building
    • Avoid gathering too close to others when having a break/going to the toilet etc
    • Wash or sanitise your hands regularly
    • Be prepared to help with cleaning chairs etc before and after rehearsal or concert
  4. If you feel unwell at, or within two days of attending, a rehearsal or concert please:
    • Let the orchestral manager or other responsible person know
    • Go home immediately if you can
    • Follow NHS procedures regarding getting a covid test
    • Report result of test by email to as soon as it is available
Please be assured that we (the committee) will:
  1. Ensure that the venue is suitable for our purposes
  2. Ensure that the venue is ventilated as well as possible
  3. Ensure that cleaning materials are available for cleaning seats, hands and other equipment
  4. Check that the venue has regular cleaning practices in place

But please note that you attend at your own risk and that others attending may be, or may have contact with people who are, more vulnerable than you.

Thank you

Stella Scott

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