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The Gold Fund for 2011-12 …

… a very special season with lots of works chosen by players.

Many of the works are still in copyright (i.e. by composers who died less than 70 years ago) which means hiring fees for the music and Performing Right Society Fees for the performances plus extra players for the larger-scale works.

So … extra cash is needed AND your help to raise it, PLEASE.

There’s no need to dip into your own pockets (unless you really wish to) so here are some suggestions to set you thinking.

  • Encourage more people to come to this season's concerts – more cash in the bank and hopefully more audience for 2011-12;
  • Explore funding from your work-place and relevant charities, etc;
  • Approach local businesses (e.g. Waitrose and Natwest) for support through their community funds;
  • Give concerts;
  • Collect 'stock' and sell it at a car-boot (many don't charge entrance fees for charities) or even organise your own table-top or car-boot sale;
  • Make biscuits to sell in rehearsal intervals;
  • Give a coffee morning;
  • Take part in an organised - run / walk / slim and ask for sponsorship;
  • Collect sponsorship for the minutes in an overture, concerto, symphony;
  • Your own ideas!

#Tony, Sandra, Brian, Geoff, Peter can give advice on facts and figures.#

Please put on your thinking caps and tell us what, where, when you are planning so that you can have all the publicity you need!

The Encouragement:  when you pledge or organise an event you may see the programme BUT will be sworn to secrecy until 14 May 2011!

One thing that is very important - this isn't intended to dilute support for the Friends' Funds.  It's a completely separate project.

The target?

£2,000 would be very useful;

£3,000 would be better

£4,000 would be SUBLIME!


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