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Concert Tickets – 2018-2019 Season

Tickets for Havant Orchestras concerts

This season, the main concert series for the Havant Orchestras consists of three concerts by Havant Chamber Orchestra at Ferneham Hall, Fareham (in October, February and May), and three concerts by Havant Symphony Orchestra at Oaklands Catholic School, Waterlooville (in December, March and July). 

There is also a separate pre-season concert of ‘popular classics’ at Hayling Island Community Centre.  For the booking and ticket arrangements, see Ticket prices for other concerts below. 

Obtaining tickets for concerts at Ferneham Hall

Tickets for individual Havant Chamber Orchestra concerts at Ferneham Hall in Fareham will be available from about mid-September through the Ferneham Hall Box Office

For ticket prices and the seating layout, see the section Ticket prices for main concerts below and the following section showing the seating plans.

Bookings may be made online, by telephone (using a credit or debit card), by post (enclosing a cheque or postal order) or in person.  For further details, see the page on How to Book Tickets within the Ferneham Hall web site, which also has a useful page on How to get to the Ferneham Hall.

Obtaining tickets for concerts at Oaklands School

To avoid queues at the door it is best to buy tickets for individual Havant Symphony Orchestra concerts at Oaklands School in advance.  These tickets normally become available shortly before the date of the preceding HCO concert. 

For ticket prices and the seating layout, see the section Ticket prices for main concerts below and the following section showing the seating plans.

Tickets can be purchased online via TicketSource.  You can alternatively obtain tickets from TicketSource by phone on 03336 663366, for which there is an additional booking charge, currently £1.75, including delivery by post. 

Tickets are also available by post from the Tickets Secretary, as for Season Tickets, and will be available for sale during the interval at the preceding HCO Ferneham Hall concert. 

Obtaining Season Tickets

This season, there are three concerts by Havant Chamber Orchestra at Ferneham Hall, and three concerts by Havant Symphony Orchestra at Oaklands Catholic School.  Separate Season Tickets are available for the three concerts at each venue, saving approximately 20% on the single ticket prices, with a further price reduction (‘3 of 6’ prices in the table below) when Season Tickets are purchased for both venues, saving approximately 25%. 

A Season Ticket includes a printed programme book for each concert at the relevant venue plus regular Newsletters throughout the season shortly before each concert (for both venues). 

Season Tickets may be obtained in advance by post via the HADOS Tickets Secretary.  The simplest way to order Season Tickets is to use the booking form which is available in the foyer at concerts, together with the programme brochure.  You can alternatively print your own copy of the Season Ticket booking form using this PDF file.  The file is set up to print the form as two A5 pages (form and attached information) on one side of an A4 sheet of paper in landscape format, and one A5 page of Data Protection information either on the other side of the Booking Information (using Print on Both Sides and Flip on short edge) or on a second A4 sheet. 

Each Season Ticket holder is also normally automatically entitled to be a voting member of the Havant and District Orchestral Society (HADOS), with the rights for example to attend general meetings and take part in member votes.  However, some people are not legally eligible to be members of the society, such as anyone who is paid by the society for any services during the season (including any paid players), and some others may wish to decline membership for other reasons.  If either of those cases applies, please write ‘No’ against ‘Membership required?’ on the application form.

If you are ordering Season Tickets before the end of the previous season, you can optionally spread your payment across two cheques, with one of them being post-dated to September 1st. 

Further details about Season Ticket applications can be found on the application form. 

You can also upgrade retrospectively to a Season Ticket after attending the first concert at a venue using a single ticket, although in this case seating choices may be more limited.  If you already have a season ticket for the other venue, the additional discount will be applied to both tickets.  The cost in either case is the same as if you had the Season Ticket before the first concert. 

Ordering tickets from the Tickets Secretary

Please send your cheque (payable to HADOS) along with the booking form (for season tickets) or your separate booking request details for individual Oaklands concerts to the Tickets Secretary at the following address, enclosing a stamped self-addressed envelope in which the tickets will be returned:

Stuart Annable,
HADOS Tickets Secretary,
Meon Place Cottage
High Street
SO32 3PN

If you have any queries about tickets, please contact the Tickets Secretary:
Text:  07855 972057
Telephone:  01489 877497

If you want to order advance tickets only a few days before a concert, you can reserve them by phone then collect and pay for them at the door.  Please write out your cheque to HADOS in advance to save time at the collection point. 

Ticket prices for main concerts

Specific numbered seats are reserved for the main concerts at Ferneham Hall, Fareham, and Oaklands School, Waterlooville.  Ticket price bands depend on the seating area, as shown in the seating plans below.  The seatings areas are arranged similarly for both venues. 

Ticket Prices HCO, Ferneham Hall HSO, Oaklands School HSO+HCO
Price band Single
Season Ticket
(3 only)
Season Ticket
(3 of 6)
Season Ticket
(3 only)
Season Ticket
(3 of 6)
Both seasons
same area
W £20.00 £50.00 £46.00 £18.00 £45.00 £42.00 £88.00
X £17.00 £42.00 £40.00 £16.00 £40.00 £37.00 £77.00
Y £14.00 £35.00 £33.00 £12.00 £30.00 £28.00 £61.00
Z  £8.00 £21.00 £19.00  £6.00 £16.00 £15.00 £34.00
Student 50% discount on above prices
Child £1 £3 £3 £1 £3 £3 £6

Student:  Current full-time student (or with future full-time place) but not eligible for Child rate. 
Child:  Under 18, or age 18 and in Further Education (up to end of school year). 

Seating plan for main concerts

The seating layout at Ferneham Hall has been slightly changed for this season because Havant Chamber Orchestra are trying a new layout with the orchestra on the floor in front of the stage in order to bring it closer to the audience.  Some of the existing seating was too close to the orchestra for comfort, and other seating no longer had good sight lines, so some seats have been removed and others have been moved to different price bands.  This page shows the revised plan but the season brochures were printed before this change was made, so the seating plan in the brochure is only approximate. 

The seating plan lists the Ferneham Hall rows and Oaklands rows in each price section.  The seat numbers read from left to right (facing forwards) at Ferneham and right to left at Oaklands with 2 gangways.  There is a row "I" at Oaklands but not at Ferneham Hall. 

The front section Z is on the flat at both venues.  At Ferneham, access to this area is also flat.  At Oaklands there are steps down to this area, but there is also a very limited amount of disabled seating on the balcony with flat access.  Please indicate on the booking form if disabled space is required. 

Seating plan for Ferneham Hall,

Seating plan for Ferneham Hall
Price W Row D, Seats 11–32
Rows E–K, Seats 1–32
Price X Rows B–C, Seats 11–32
Rows E–K, Seats 33–40
Row L, Seats 5–38
Row M, Seats 7–36
Price Y Rows B–D, Seats 3–10; 33–40
Row N, Seats 9–34
Row P, Seats 1–27
Price Z Row AA, Seats 12–29
Row A, Seats 3–40

Seating plan for Oaklands,

Seating plan for Oaklands
Price W Rows D – K, Seats 31–9
Price X Rows A, B, C, Seats 24–9
Rows D – K, Seats 8–2
Rows L, M, Seats 31–2
Price Y Rows A, B, C, Seats 31–25; 8–2
Rows N, O, Seats 31–2
Price Z Rows AA – BB, Seats 28–5

Tickets for other concerts

There is a ‘Popular Classics’ concert by Havant Symphony Orchestra at Hayling Island Community Centre on Saturday 22nd September 2018.  Tickets for this concert will be available from August. 

Seats at this event are guaranteed but not reserved as the seats are not numbered. 

Further informal events may be arranged during the season. 

Ticket Prices for other concerts
Concert Adult Senior Citizens and
Season Ticket holders
Student Child
Hayling Concert,
22nd September 2018
£12.00 £10.00 £6.00 £1.00

Student:  Current full-time student (or with future full-time place) but not eligible for Child rate. 
Child:  Under 18, or age 18 and in Further Education (up to end of school year). 

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