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Rehearsal Schedule 2016-17

Normal rehearsal times and locations

Havant Symphony Orchestra rehearsals are normally held every Friday evening during school term time (except on the day before a Havant Chamber Orchestra concert) from 7.15pm to 9.45pm at St. Faith’s Church Hall, The Pallant, Havant, PO9 1BE (see map).  There is a car park next to the hall, off East Pallant, which is a one-way street towards the hall, so you need to approach it via Beechworth Road. 

The final afternoon rehearsal on the concert day is at the concert venue, and for concerts at Hayling Island Community Centre or Oaklands Catholic School the rehearsal the preceding evening is usually also at the same location.  See the following sections on this page for additional information about rehearsals and specific rehearsal details, and the complete rehearsal schedule for a summary of the latest information on rehearsal dates and locations. 

The HSO rehearsal includes a coffee break at around 8.30pm.  Coffee or tea and biscuits are provided (for a contribution of 20p). 

Havant Chamber Orchestra rehearsals take place in Havant on the two Tuesdays immediately preceding the concert date, from 7.30pm to 10.00pm.  There is a break, but no refreshments are provided. 

HCO used to rehearse mostly at St. Faith’s Church Hall as well, but the hall is no longer available on Tuesdays, so rehearsals for this season are at Bosmere Junior School, South Street, PO9 1DA (see map)

Players please bring a music stand to all rehearsals. 

Additional information about rehearsal arrangements will be added below from time to time; players are advised to check this page regularly for reminders and additional rehearsal details. 

Additional information about rehearsals

[Last updated 11th November 2016]

On 6th January 2017 St Faith's Hall is being used by Dynamo Youth Theatre, so there is no HSO rehearsal.

Specific HSO rehearsal details

[Last updated 4th March 2017]

There is a normal HSO rehearsal on Friday 10th March 2017, even though the HCO strings concert at Emsworth Baptist Church is the next day. 

Specific HCO rehearsal details

[Last updated April 2016]

Any specific details for HCO concerts will be added here later.

Complete rehearsal schedule

[Last updated 4th May 2016]

This is the rehearsal schedule for the 2016-17 season.  This page will be updated to reflect any changes or additions.  All rehearsals except on the concert day are at St. Faith’s Church Hall unless indicated otherwise. 

Not all rehearsal dates will be used for the associated concert.  Some dates may be used for sight reading or to prepare for other events.  When such dates have been identified, they are marked with an asterisk in the main schedule below, with additional details provided in the updates above.

Work Composer Instrumentation Dura­tion Rehearsals
(By concert, not by date)
Saturday 24 September 2016 – Havant Symphony Orchestra at Hayling Island Community Centre
Conductor: Joseph Beckhelling
Mar-09 Overture ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor’ Nicolai 2/1222 4230 T 2P S 9' Fridays 7.15pm–9.45pm:
9 Sep (+AGM), 16 Sep, 23 Sep at Hayling,
Nov-08 Piano Concerto No 2 in C minor
Soloist: Jinah Shim
Rachmaninov 2222 4231 T 2P S 34'
Dec-11 Symphony No 2 in D Sibelius 2222 4331 T S 45'
88' Saturday 24 Sep 2:00pm
Saturday 15 October 2016 – Havant Chamber Orchestra at Ferneham Hall
Conductor: Robin Browning
New Serenade in E flat major, Op 7 Richard Strauss 2222+1 4000 10' Tuesdays 7.30pm–10pm at Bosmere School:
4 Oct, 11 Oct,
Sep-14 Violin Concerto No 1 in G minor
Soloist: Savitri Grier
Bruch 2222 4200 T S 25'
May-10 Symphony No 7 in A Beethoven 2222 2200 T S 38'
73' Saturday 15 Oct 2.00pm
Saturday 3 December 2016 – Havant Symphony Orchestra at Oaklands School
Conductor: Jonathan Butcher
May-03 Overture ‘The Wasps’ Vaughan Williams 2/1222 4230 T P Hp S 10' Fridays 7.15pm–9.45pm: 30 Sep, 7 Oct, 21 Oct, 4 Nov, 11 Nov, 18 Nov, 25 Nov,
2 Dec at Oaklands,
May-66 Soirées Musicales Rossini (arr. Britten) 2/1222 4230 T 2P Hp S 10'
Mar-90 Viola Concerto (1962 version)
Soloist: Shiry Rashkovsky
Walton 21+12/12 4230 T Hp S 28'
Sep-10 Symphony No 1 in C minor Brahms 2222+1 4230 T S 50'
98' Saturday 3 Dec 2.00pm
Saturday 11 February 2017 – Havant Chamber Orchestra at Ferneham Hall
Conductor: Robin Browning
Oct-07 Overture ‘The Fair Melusine’ Mendelssohn 2222 2200 T S 12' Tuesdays 7.30pm–10pm at Bosmere School: 31 Jan, 7 Feb,
New Oboe Concerto in D major
Soloist: James Turnbull
Richard Strauss 20+122 2000 S 25'
Feb-94 Symphony No 41 in C major, ‘Jupiter’ Mozart 1202 2200 T S 33'
70' Saturday 11 Feb 2.00pm
Saturday 11 March 2017 – Havant Chamber Orchestra (Strings) at Emsworth Baptist Church
Conductor: Robin Browning
New Andante Festivo Sibelius S 5' Tuesdays 7.30pm–10pm at Bosmere School: 28 Feb, 7 Mar,
Jul-62 Capriol Suite Warlock S 10'
New Crisantemi Puccini S 5'
New Introduction and Allegro, Op 47 Elgar S 15'
Jul-66 Serenade for Strings, Op 48 Tchaikovsky S 30'
65' Saturday 11 Mar 2.00pm
Saturday 25 March 2017 – Havant Symphony Orchestra at Oaklands School
Conductor: Jonathan Butcher
Mar-92 Overture ‘Ruy Blas’ Mendelssohn 2222 4230 T S 9' Fridays 7.15pm–9.45pm:
6 Jan (hall unavailable), 13 Jan, 20 Jan, 27 Jan, 3 Feb, 17 Feb, 3 Mar, 10 Mar, 17 Mar,
24 Mar at Oaklands,
May-01 In the Steppes of Central Asia Borodin 21+122 4230 T S 9'
New Tuba Concerto
Soloist: Tom Torley
Gregson 2222 4230 T 2P S 18'
Oct-10 Symphony No 8, ‘Unfinished’ Schubert 2222 2230 T S 25'
Sep-00 Symphonic Variations, Op 78 Dvořák 2/1222 4230 T 1P S 22'
83' Saturday 25 Mar 2.00pm
Saturday 20 May 2017 – Havant Chamber Orchestra at Ferneham Hall
Conductor: Robin Browning
Feb-96 Overture ‘Creatures of Prometheus’ Beethoven 2222 2200 T S 6' Tuesdays 7.30pm–10pm at Bosmere School: 9 May, 16 May,
Oct-12 Piano Concerto No 3 in C minor
Soloist: Roger Owens
Beethoven 2222 2200 T S 33'
Sep-13 Symphony No 5 in C minor Beethoven 2+1222+1 2230 T S 34'
73' Saturday 20 May 2.00pm
Saturday 8 July 2017 – Havant Symphony Orchestra at Oaklands School
Conductor: Jonathan Butcher
Mar-88 Brigg Fair Delius 3 2+1 3+1 3+1 6331 T P Hp S 15' Fridays 7.15pm–9.45pm: 28 Apr, 5 May, 12 May, 26 May, 9 Jun, 16 Jun, 23 Jun, 30 Jun,
7 Jul at Oaklands,
New Piano Concerto
Soloist: Peter Foggitt
Khachaturian 2 2 2+1 2 4231 T P S 35'
New The Planets Holst 4/2 3/1+1 3+1 3+1 6432 2T P 2Hp cel organ S, 2 x SSA chorus offstage 50'
100' Saturday 8 Jul 2.00pm
Friday 14 July 2017 – Bursary Auditions – Havant Symphony Orchestra – St Faith’s Church Hall, 7.15pm

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