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Rehearsal Schedule 2013-14

Normal rehearsal times and locations

Havant Symphony Orchestra rehearsals are normally held every Friday during school term time (except on the day before a Havant Chamber Orchestra concert) from 7.00pm to 9.30pm at St. Faith’s Church Hall, The Pallant, Havant, PO9 1BE (see map).  There is a car park next to the hall, off East Pallant, which is a one-way street towards the hall, so you need to approach it via Beechworth Road. 

The final afternoon rehearsal on the concert day is at the concert venue, and for concerts at Hayling Island Community Centre or Oaklands Catholic School the rehearsal the preceding evening is usually also at the same location.  See the following sections on this page for additional information about rehearsals and specific rehearsal details, and the complete rehearsal schedule for a summary of the latest information on rehearsal dates and locations. 

The HSO rehearsal includes a coffee break at around 8.30pm.  Coffee or tea and biscuits are provided (for a contribution of 20p). 

Havant Chamber Orchestra rehearsals take place in Havant on the two Tuesdays immediately preceding the concert date, from 7.30pm to 10.00pm.  There is a break, but no refreshments are provided. 

HCO used to rehearse mostly at St. Faith’s Church Hall as well, but the hall is no longer available on Tuesdays from September until March, so rehearsals for the October and February concerts this season are at Bosmere Junior School, South Street, PO9 1DA (see map).  The rehearsals for the May concert are back at St. Faith’s again.

Players please bring a music stand to all rehearsals. 

Additional information about rehearsal arrangements will be added below from time to time; players are advised to check this page regularly for reminders and additional rehearsal details. 

Additional information about rehearsals

[Update 1st April 2014]

Tom Hammond has provided us with a provisional rehearsal schedule for the July concert, which has been added to the details section below along with the schedule for rehearsals for the HSO strings concert in Waterlooville.

[Update 13th February 2014]

The date for the Bursary Auditions this year has been provisionally changed to Tuesday 8th July 2014 as our principal conductor for next season, Jonathan Butcher, is not available on Friday 11th.  We have confirmed that our usual rehearsal venue, St. Faith's Church Hall, is available on Tuesday 8th July, so the plan is to have the Bursary audition there as usual. 

[Update 30th November 2013]

We are now planning to go ahead with an additional concert for Havant Symphony Orchestra strings on Sunday 15th June at St George's Church, Waterlooville, as part of the Waterlooville Music Festival, and the HSO rehearsals on Friday 6th June and 13th June will be used to prepare for this concert.  The main rehearsal schedule below has been updated to include both this event and the ‘Yeomen of the Guard’ concert on 22nd February. 

Specific HSO rehearsal details

[Last updated 1st April 2014]

HSO rehearsal schedule for April to July 2014

Date Location Time Conductor Details
Friday 25th April 2014 St Faith's 7:00pm Tom Hammond Tschaikovsky, Elgar
Friday 2nd May 2014 St Faith's 7:00pm Tom Hammond Elgar
Friday 9th May 2014 St Faith's 7:00pm Tom Hammond Berlioz, Elgar
Strings only after coffee-break
Friday 23rd May 2014 St Faith's 7:00pm Tom Hammond Berlioz, Elgar, Chopin
Friday 6th June 2014 St Faith's 7:00pm Jonathan Scott Rehearsal for HSO strings concert
Friday 13th June 2014 St Faith's 7:00pm Jonathan Scott Rehearsal for HSO strings concert
Sunday 15th June 2014 St George's Waterlooville 2:00pm Jonathan Scott HSO Strings concert
Afternoon rehearsal:
Friday 20th June 2014 St Faith's 7:00pm Tom Hammond Tschaikovsky, Berlioz, Elgar, Chopin
Friday 27th June 2014 St Faith's 7:00pm Tom Hammond Elgar
Strings only after coffee-break
Friday 4th July 2014 St Faith's 7:00pm Tom Hammond Elgar, Berlioz, Tschaikovsky (7.00-8.15) with percussion
Chopin with Karen Kingsley (8.30)
Saturday 5th July 2014 Ferneham Hall 2:00pm Tom Hammond Afternoon rehearsal:
2.00-3.00 Elgar
3.00-3.30 Tschaikovsky, Berlioz
3.45-5.00 Chopin

Specific HCO rehearsal details

[Last updated 3rd July 2013]

Any specific details for HCO concerts will be added here later.

Complete rehearsal schedule

This is the rehearsal schedule for the 2013-14 season.  This page will be updated to reflect any changes or additions. 

Not all rehearsal dates will be used for the associated concert.  Some dates may be used for sight reading or to prepare for other events.  When such dates have been identified, they are marked with an asterisk in the main schedule below, with additional details provided in the updates above.

Last played Work Composer Instrumentation Dura­tion Rehearsals
(By concert, not by date)
Saturday 21 September 2013        Havant Symphony Orchestra at Hayling Island Community Centre       Conductor: Colin Jagger
NEW Overture ‘Orpheus in the Underworld’ Offenbach 2/1222 4230  T S 10' Fridays:
6 Sep, 13 Sep,
20 Sep at Hayling
Jan-11 Piano Concerto in A minor
   Soloist: Valentina Seferinova
Grieg 2222 4230 T S 28'
Sep-93 Symphony No 5 in C minor Beethoven 2+1222+1 2230 T S 34'
  72' Saturday 21 Sep  2.00pm
Saturday 19 October 2013              Havant Chamber Orchestra at Ferneham Hall        Conductor: Robin Browning
Oct-12 Overture ‘The Hebrides’ Mendelssohn 2222 2200 T S 11' Tuesdays:
8 Oct, 15 Oct
NEW Piano Concerto No 5 in D, K175
   Soloist: Philip Martin
Mozart 0200 2200 T S
May-92 Introduction and Allegro Appassionato, Op 92
   Soloist: Philip Martin
Schumann 2222 2200 T S 15'
Oct-05 Symphony No 35 in D, ‘Haffner’, K385 Mozart 2222 2200 T S 20'
  67' Saturday 19 Oct  2.00pm
Saturday 30 November 2013        Havant Symphony Orchestra at Oaklands School      Conductor: Jonathan Butcher
Sep-85 Selection from ‘Nutcracker’ Suite Tchaikovsky 3/12+12+12 4231 T P Hp Cel S 15' Fridays:
27 Sep, 4 Oct, 11 Oct, 25 Oct*,
8 Nov, 15 Nov*, 22 Nov,
29 Nov at Oaklands
Mar-96 ‘Symphonie Espagnole’
   Soloist: Alexander Sitkovetsky
Lalo 2+1222 4230 T P Hp S 35'
Dec-06 Symphony No 1 Sibelius 2/2222 4331 T P Hp S 40'
  90' Saturday 30 Nov  2.00pm
Saturday 8 February 2014            Havant Chamber Orchestra at Ferneham Hall         Conductor: Robin Browning
May-04 Overture ‘Coriolan’ Beethoven 2222 2200 T S 8' Tuesdays at Bosmere School:
28 Jan, 4 Feb
Sep-08 Violin Concerto in E minor
   Soloist: Edward Daniel
Mendelssohn 2222 2200 T S 27'
Sep-97 Symphony No 6, ‘Pastoral’ Beethoven 2+1222 2220 T S 40'
  75' Saturday 8 Feb  2.00pm
Saturday 22 February 2014          Havant Symphony Orchestra at Portsmouth Guildhall        Conductor: Colin Jagger
NEW ‘The Yeomen of the Guard’
(New concert version by Colin Jagger)
with Portsmouth Chorus, student soloists from the Royal College of Music and a guest narrator
Gilbert & Sullivan 2122 2230 T P S 90' Fri 24 Jan (strings),
Fri 31 Jan,
Mon 17 Feb (strings),
Fri 21 Feb
  90' Saturday 22 Feb  2.00pm
Saturday 29 March 2014              Havant Symphony Orchestra at Ferneham Hall       Conductor: Levon Parikian
NEW Overture ‘Hansel and Gretel’ Humperdinck 2+1222 4231 T P S 8' Fridays:
10 Jan cancelled,
17 Jan, 14 Feb, 28 Feb, 7 Mar, 14 Mar, 21 Mar, 28 Mar
NEW Clarinet Concerto No 2
   Soloist: Robert Blanken
Malcolm Arnold 1+1202 2000 T P S 18'
Jul-03 Symphony No 6 in B minor, ‘Pathetique’ Tchaikovsky 3/1222 4231 T 2P S 46'
  72' Saturday 29 Mar  2.00pm
Saturday 17 May 2014                  Havant Chamber Orchestra at Ferneham Hall         Conductor: Robin Browning
May-09 Overture ‘Egmont’ Beethoven 2/1222 4200 T S 9' Tuesdays at St Faith's:
6 May, 13 May
Feb-89 Trumpet Concerto
   Soloist: Jon Yates
Hummel 1222 2000 T S 21'
Feb-97 Symphony No 3, ‘Scottish’ Mendelssohn 2222 4200 T S 40'
  70' Saturday 17 May  2.00pm
Sunday 15 June 2014                Havant Symphony Orchestra strings at St Georges Church, Waterlooville      Conductor: Jonathan Scott
Jun-10 Serenade for Strings Elgar S 12' Fridays at St Faith's:
6 Jun, 13 Jun
May-13 ‘Holberg’ Suite Grieg S 19'
NEW Concerto for violin and oboe, BWV 1060R
   Soloists: Cathy Mathews, David Hedley
Bach S 15'
Jul-66 Waltz from Serenade for Strings Tchaikovsky S 4'
Oct-11 Simple Symphony for Strings Britten S 17'
  67' Sunday 15 Jun  2.00pm
Saturday 5 July 2014                     Havant Symphony Orchestra at Ferneham Hall      Conductor: Tom Hammond
Dec-92 Overture ‘Le Carnaval Romain’ Berlioz 2/12/122 42+230 T 3P S 8' Fridays:
25 Apr, 2 May, 9 May, 23 May, 20 Jun, 27 Jun, 4 Jul
NEW Marche Slave Tchaikovsky 2+2222 42+231 T P S 10'
Sep-00 Piano Concerto No 1 in E minor
   Soloist: Karen Kingsley
Chopin 2222 4210 T S 40'
Jul-06 Variations on an Original Theme, ‘Enigma’ Elgar 2/1222+1 4331 T P S 32'
  90' Saturday 5 Jul  2.00pm
Tuesday 8th July 2014 Bursary Auditions – Havant Symphony Orchestra     St Faiths Hall, 7.00pm

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